Birthday Pack

Birthday Pack – one night accommodation, welcome cocktail, mini cake and champagne in the room, breakfast in bad. Price 79 euro / room / 2 people

Events Pack

Events Pack (concerts) – 10% discount from shown price, breakfast, drink “after party” at hotel

Gourmet Pack

Gourmet pack – for a minimum 2 nights stay will offer a coupon of  50 lei/person to use at Bucharest German Brewery.

Early Booking Pack

Early Booking pack – 15% off from the shown price for booking minimum 15 days in advance

Long Stay Pack

Long Stay Pack 20% off from the shown price from minimum 10 night stay and 10 % for laundry and ironing services.

Youth Pack

Youth Pack “Backpackers” – Valid for couples aged between 18 and 24 years. The price of the room is the sum of ages. Breakfast included and free Wi-Fi.